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Determining Training Needs of Employees

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Determining specific training needs can be challenging, especially when “lack of training” is used as a reason for low or poor performance. Managers must know for a fact that the performance problem is due to the employee “not knowing how” to do something before investing in training.

A training needs assessment may be performed to determine the exact training need. This could either be an interview or a questionnaire that determines the specific lack of education or training that is keeping the employee from properly performing specific tasks of his or her job.

The time and money involved in training someone can be quite an investment, so ensuring the training meets the specific goal of improving a specific task is imperative. The training considered must be specific to the task that the employee needs improvement in. The task must be measurable, and the employee must be accountable to specific goals once training is completed.

So, where do you go for training? ACCA, many manufacturers, distributors, coaches like myself, and others off era variety of training programs that can be performed in-house or online with minimal investment. I consider the training investment as a joint venture between employee and employer. Both gain, so both need to give. Just make sure the training is in line with the needs of the employee and your business.

Frank Besednjak

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