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Customized Fleet Solutions to Drive Your Business

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Limited funds and time constraints often pose significant challenges for businesses. Having a partner to manage work vehicles efficiently can help you regain control of your financial resources and time.

Your business deserves a solution that bolsters your fleet with specialized programs designed for businesses covering flexible financing options, maintenance, and fuel management – a simplified process of deploying your work vehicles.

Is your business ready for that solution?

A Seamless Approach to Buying, Managing, and Selling Your Vehicles

Reducing time spent searching, buying, funding, and selling or trading vehicles is a huge win for your business. Holman’s marketplace offers the various options your business needs to succeed.

  • Purchase: our marketplace offers vehicles based on brand, type, price, and location.
  • Funding: we match the best flexible lease option with your budget. Open-end leasing or purchase/leaseback.
  • Selling or Trading: our remarketing experts replace your used vehicles, allowing you to leverage the proceeds to improve cash flow or upgrade your business operations.

Let’s not forget about managing your vehicles efficiently and effectively. Harness the data analytics to efficiently track and manage expenses through our fuel and maintenance management programs.

Fleet Maintenance Software for Real-Time Control

Effective fleet management solutions are a significant part of the operations puzzle for business today.

Our interactive marketplace empowers you to oversee the day-to-day operations of your fleet effectively. Gain a real-time view of your fleet’s status and get back to focusing on your core business rather than reacting to fleet-related challenges.

Your Success, Our Blueprint

The Holman small fleet program was built with businesses like yours in mind. We go beyond the ordinary, aiming to integrate industry-specific insights into solutions. This approach provides the tools, resources, and tangible tailored results aligned with your business’s unique needs and challenges. By tailoring our program to the specifics of your industry, we enhance your fleet operations’ efficiency, effectiveness, and overall success.

Drive Your Business Forward

Get a simplified, time-saving process for putting work vehicles in service for your business. We simplify controlling fleet operating costs and optimizing used vehicle sales.

Call one of our experts today at 877-823-1360 for your personalized consultation.

Holman is an ACCA Standard Corporate Partner. Click here to learn more about the benefits of becoming an ACCA Corporate Partner.

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