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Creating a Safer Industry Through Partnership

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Why is it important for contractors to be involved with ACCA? 

Federated works closely with ACCA because safety and risk reduction are ACCA priorities. Through ACCA Federated provides complimentary safety resources, training, and national recognition for a contractor who makes safety a priority in their business. ACCA’s networking and peer to peer learning helps contractors share best practices and safety methods.

As a business owner, you have a lot of choices when it comes to insurance coverage. All of those insurance providers want your business. But not Federated. We want to be your partner.

Our clients all have personal, one-on-one relationships with their local representatives, who review coverages and provide tools to help businesses establish or improve a culture of risk management. And even if you are not a Federated client, as an ACCA member, you have access to some benefits that will help strengthen your business.

What are other benefits for ACCA members who are not insured through Federated that you mentioned earlier?

At no charge or obligation, we offer ACCA members access to our webinars Risk Management Academies, and succession and estate planning assistance, including a referral to our network of independent estate planning attorneys. Our estate planning program is great for ACCA’s MIX Groups. Federated will work through ACCA to arrange for attorneys to attend MIX Group meetings and provide input on this very important, and often delicate, topic.

Federated emphasizes its total-needs risk management services. What is that and why is it important?

“As a mutual insurance company, we believe our value is measured by the success of our clients. It’s Our Business to Protect Yours®.” That’s our Mission Statement. In our 115 years in the insurance industry, our data and experience has told us that paying claims is only part of the story in fulfilling that mission. We offer our clients a wealth of resources to help them reduce their exposure to risk and avoid claims.

Those resources are available through our marketing representatives, or through access to Federated’s Shield Network®. This online library contains a variety of materials, from disaster preparedness guides to pre-made accident report forms to brochures on occupational safety. The businesses we work with are more than just policies and premiums to us. They are friends and neighbors. We want to see them at their best — and we want to help them along the way.

Do you offer any services to business owners who want to take their risk management further?

We offer webinars that explore some of today’s most pressing issues, including the widespread epidemic of preventable crashes and cyber-security. Federated Insurance Risk Management AcademySM is a live seminar, delivered by our resident risk-management professionals, that offers strategies for addressing exposures that threaten businesses.

Our one-day seminars are held six times a year throughout the country, and cover diverse areas, like employee training, workers compensation, and impaired driving.

Our two-and-a-half-day seminars deeply explore topics tailored to specific industries. Our contractor-focused session is scheduled for mid-October. We have two scheduled for this year covering risks relevant to all industries, in mid-August and mid-November. At these events, held in our home office in Owatonna, Minnesota, attendees will hear from Federated professionals and trade knowledge with other business people.

Risk Management Academy sessions are free, but attendees are responsible for travel, lodging (at a reduced rate), and some incidental meals.

Just being awarded jobs can require a lot of work for a contractor. Can you help with bonding?

We have an experienced bonding department, and after our acquisition a few years ago of Granite Re, of Oklahoma City, we are proud to present an even more robust slate of offerings. We can help a contractor with contract bonds or commercial services bonds to help them reassure their clients that the job will get done — and get done right.

You mentioned a rising number of traffic crashes earlier. Do you offer some resources in that area?

Just look at the stats. Being on the road is riskier now than it has ever been before. We have found that concentrating on four areas will help drivers reduce their risk of injury or death: Speed, Attention, Focus, and Emotion. Then we encourage employers to Reinforce lessons they teach in those areas. We offer brochures, educational videos, and contribute to publications in our widespread effort to bring awareness to this pressing issue. Most contractors drive extensively as part of their daily routines, so this program, called Drive S.A.F.E.R, is of paramount importance to businesses, their employees, and their families.

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