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Choosing a Top-Notch GPS Fleet Tracking System

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In our previous article “Controlling Inventory Shrinkage”, we shed some light on several key aspects of inventory management and its correlation to job-costing. In this series installment, we will put the spotlight onto the service oriented business most important tool: a GPS Fleet Tracking System.

Selecting a top-notch GPS fleet tracking System is time intensive but it is not a complicated task. Here are six focus areas to consider when selecting one for your business:

1. What type of tracking information do you need?
2. How many vehicles do you need to track?
3. How easy is it to use the management portal?
4. What network does the tracking device use (2g, 4g, etc.)?
5. How accessible is the host provider when assistance is needed?
6. How much are you looking to spend on monthly and upfront costs?

To address any questions you have, we have created a simple, easy to follow guide to help you through the process of choosing the perfect GPS fleet-tracking system.

What is GPS fleet-tracking system?
As a budget conscious entrepreneur, envision the next Fleet Tracking System to be your virtual presence in each vehicle on the road. It is an automated field supervisor, saving you from carrying the burden of hiring one and increasing payroll liabilities, GPS fleet-tracking software lets you keep a close eye on your fleet anywhere you are, as long as internet connectivity is available. Using a GPS fleet tracking system, you will be able to ensure productivity and optimize vehicle operation such as unscheduled stops, idle time, speeding and fuel consumption, to name a few.

How GPS fleet tracking system works
GPS fleet-tracking system works hand in hand with a GPS device professionally installed in the vehicle. It uses global positioning systems (that’s what GPS stands for, for those who are unfamiliar) via global satellites to track vehicles in real time. This method of tracking system gives business owners live access to their fleet, utilizing data that is sent directly from the vehicle system provider.

Andrea Hughes

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