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Bristol Compressors Receives Manufacturer Of The Year Award From The Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing

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Bristol Compressors International, Inc., a leading global producer of compressors for use in air conditioning, heat pump and refrigeration systems, was recently presented the Manufacturer of the Year Award by the board of the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing (SVAM).

The Manufacturer of the Year Award is presented to the company that best demonstrates achievements in one or more of the following criteria: business growth, breakthrough implementations of continuous improvement, product innovations/exciting new product introductions, and innovations in employee/technical training.

“Manufacturing companies play a vital role and make a tremendous impact on our region, which is why the board of the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing has chosen to recognize one manufacturer in Southwest Virginia that has done outstanding work this year,” says Larry Souverielle, SVAM Board President. “Bristol Compressors was selected to receive this award for its exceptional accomplishments in the area of new product innovations and new product introductions.

“Additionally, Bristol Compressors, in partnership with GENEDGE Alliance, has brought ‘lean’ manufacturing processes and training to its new product engineering group,” Souverielle adds. “The company’s leadership is transforming the Bristol manufacturing plant through ‘lean continuous improvement,’ training its production teams and associates in process improvement methodologies.”

The award was presented to Bristol Compressors for the development of VStar, a variable speed HVAC compressor. VStar is the first reciprocating unit for residential and commercial air conditioners and heat pumps that achieves more than 25 percent higher energy efficiency levels over any standard SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) system purchased today. In addition, VStar operates at quieter levels near typical daytime urban levels of background noise than any commercial system available.

“Our end-user customers require higher energy efficiency equipment, and the VStar compressor offers variable-speed technology that has increased operating efficiencies and reduced utility bills,” says Kevin Mumpower, Vice President of New Product Development for Bristol Compressors. “This technology is innovative not only in terms of efficiency, but also in sound reduction, and it has helped propel this product to the top of the list for quality and value for customers.

“Our company has also focused on operational efficiencies through ‘lean’ manufacturing techniques and a 100 percent commitment to building our compressors in the United States,” Mumpower adds. “These combined efficiencies ensure on-time product delivery, which our customers demand. We are very pleased and honored to have been recognized as Manufacturer of the Year for this product by the Southwest Virginia Alliance for Manufacturing.”

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