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As anyone reading this knows, the HVAC/R industry is a wonderful industry to be involved in and that … other than our own self-imposed borders … the possibilities both personally and professionally are without limitations. For nearly 30 years, I have been fortunate to be a part of not only a wonderful company, but an industry that is ever-evolving and re-creating itself to meet the needs of the consumer as well as the professionals who are out there day and night making sure America is kept cool, warm, humidified, dehumidified, refrigerated, powered and everything else that we do. 

Additionally, I am very involved with ACCA, I serve on the Advisory board for the HVAC program at my local community college, as well as I am involved with a Veterans program for the Veterans Outreach Center.  But, I am just one person and my impact is limited to my sphere of influence. The HVACR industry needs more people to become engaged. WE NEED YOU TO GET INVOLVED. 

Within our HVACR community, we have many wonderful people with amazing talents.  Today, I am asking you to get more involved.  In addition to ACCA, if you are also a member of ASHRAE or RSES – or some other fine industry organization – how might you become more engaged and help further improve our industry? 

If you have ever questioned how a code was written … If you have ever wondered how a law (which impacts your business) was ever passed in the first place … If you have ever wanted to be part of helping to develop industry standards such as Manual J, Manual S or the Quality Installation standards … there is a place for you at the table!  We just need you to let us know. 

If you would like to become more involved in ACCA or any other of the industry associations, please let us know by emailing You could be involved in reviewing new proposed standards, directing the industry lobbying approach on Capitol Hill, being part of a committee, or providing feedback on many topics. Experience, position, or age do not matter … what matters is your desire to be part of the change. 

Please join me at the table and be part of the change that moves our industry forward by emailing and if you would like to discuss any of the possible options please send me your phone number and I will be happy to give you a call and we can talk about it. 

Eric Knaak

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