Author: Eric Knaak

Eric Knaak is Vice President of Operation for Isaac Heating & Air Conditioning in Rochester, NY. He also currently serves on ACCA’s Board of Directors as Immediate Past Chairman.

I Have Prostate Cancer, Now What?

Most of the men that I know are the same. We work hard, we focus on our families, jobs, and […]

Where Did The Time Go?

2020 seemed to arrive with minimal fanfare and yet here we are, almost one quarter of the way through and […]

What Is Your Pledge?

When I started in the industry in 1989, the time that it took to be able to perform diagnostics and […]

Preparing To Succeed

Picture the scene from “The Lord of The Rings” trilogy where Frodo puts on the ring and he is moving […]

ACCA Is Working For You

Where do I find new employees and how do I train them? What regulations do I need to be ready […]

Collaboration Is Our 2019 Mantra

How fortunate are we to be in this amazing industry?  To be surrounded by dedicated, hard-working people, to have the opportunity […]

Become Part Of The Solution!

As anyone reading this knows, the HVAC/R industry is a wonderful industry to be involved in and that … other […]

GPS: What Is It Good For?

Can GPS be used as a “Big Brother” tool? Yeah, but if that’s why you’re using it, you might want to reconsider the people you’re employing. Eric Knaak talks about the right reasons to install and use GPS in your fleet.

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