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Author: Tom Grandy

Noted HVAC financial and business expert Tom Grandy is president of Grandy & Associates, producers of the well-known "Business Boot Camp" series. Learn more at or call 1-800-432-7963.

Back To Square One!

Many years ago, a good friend in the industry told me something that I will never forget. He said, “Never […]

Eating Cottage Cheese Will Not Help You Lose Weight!

Eating cottage cheese will obviously not help you lose weight. Why? Well look around, only fat people seem to eat […]

The Price Is Right…Or Is It?

Sales up, profits down? It’s frustrating to work hard all year, while watching sales increase, and then at the end […]

Yes, You Have To Delegate!

One of the biggest factors that limit growth within a company is the owner’s unwillingness to truly delegate. After all […]

Tips for Making Your Accounting System a Bit More Useful – Part 2

Last month we talked about creating useful categories and what “other” meant when it showed up on your P/L Statement.  […]

Making Your Accounting System More Useful – Part 1

If your accounting system is just to collect data for your accountant to file your taxes you have missed the […]

Does Your Approval Rating Surpass That Of The U.S. Congress?

Remember the old days? Democrats and Republicans would fuss and fight all day long and eventually, through some give and […]

Is Your Company Prepared for an Unexpected Storm?

Last year, Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana and Hurricane Irma ripped through Puerto Rico and Florida leaving many dead […]

If Everything Is The Same, Price Is The Deciding Factor!

Kenny Chapman recently presented an outstanding live webinar to our Advantage Members. During his presentation he made the following statement, […]

When Was The Last Time You Updated Your Flat Rate System?

Flat rate, or up front, pricing arrived on the scene in the 90s. It was a true lens change for […]

Moving from Technician to Management!

This article could apply to any person, in any position, but this month we are going to specifically focus on […]

Flash! – Your Wife Is Stressed About the Business!

  Most, but not all, company owners are men.  Men and women think differently.  Ghee Tom, I didn’t need to […]

Is Your Company Customer Friendly?

Over the past 29+ years of working within the trades industry I have noticed some pretty profound changes, within individual […]

How Long Can Your Company Survive Without Income?

The vast majority of workers in the United States live from paycheck to paycheck.  If they lost their job it […]

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