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Author: Tom Grandy

Noted HVAC financial and business expert Tom Grandy is president of Grandy & Associates, producers of the well-known "Business Boot Camp" series. Learn more at or call 1-800-432-7963.

Business Buzz: Who is More Persistent, You or a Squirrel?

Do you have a bird feeder? If so, you have likely noticed those persistent little rodents called squirrels. No matter how many times they are run off, they continue to come back. Now, let’s talk about your business. Read more in this blog post.

If You Eat Too Much Cheese, the Trap Will Spring!

Being an entrepreneur requires discipline and debt limiting; otherwise, they may struggle to retain profits. Read more about entrepreneurship in this blog.

Back To Square One

After years of success, take some time to review your prices to ensure you’re making profit. Read this blog to make sure your business is priced for profit.

How Much Profit Should A Company Make?

How much money should your company be making? Read about how much you should be making at this blog.

How Much Debt Is Too Much Debt?

How much debt is too much debt? Read this blog to find out if you need to take action to alleviate some of your debt.

What Did You Learn Last Year?

Most of us have heard the following phrase, “Do you have thirty years’ experience, or one year of experience repeated […]

Shark Tank Lesson: Don’t Be A Know-It-All

Most people are familiar with the TV show Shark Tank. It features five self-made multi-millionaires that listen to young entrepreneurs […]

Thirteen (13) Things NOT to Do on A Service Call! Part 3

Over the last few issues, we’ve covered the first seven of 13 things not to do on a service call. […]

Thirteen (13) Things NOT to Do on a Service Call — Part 2

Last issue, we covered the first four of 13 things NOT to do on a service call. You will remember these were not […]

Thirteen (13) Things NOT to Do on a HVAC Service Call — Part 1

Over my relatively long life, I have learned a few things. Some things were learned by reading, or through training, while many others were […]

Who Is Your Go To Tech?

There are 30 seconds left in the game, and your team needs a three-pointer to defeat your rival from across […]

18 Reasons for Poor Performance

Have you ever played the blame game?  Of course you have and it started when you were very young. When your mom […]

Office Theft Part 2: Are Checks and Balances in Place?

Last issue we began discussing theft in the office. We talked about creating checks and balances, so that no one […]

Office Theft: Are Checks and Balances in Place? Part 1

We have all heard the stories. A company had unbelievable amounts of money stolen by a trusted office employee. Sometimes it’s less than a thousand […]

Does Your Company Have A Savings Account?

When I grew up, a hundred years ago, most families had a savings account.  The purpose would vary from saving […]

What Are You Building and Why?

If you strip all the ego and fluff from the picture there is only one real reason most people start […]

Back To Square One!

Many years ago, a good friend in the industry told me something that I will never forget. He said, “Never […]

Eating Cottage Cheese Will Not Help You Lose Weight!

Eating cottage cheese will obviously not help you lose weight. Why? Well look around, only fat people seem to eat […]

The Price Is Right…Or Is It?

Sales up, profits down? It’s frustrating to work hard all year, while watching sales increase, and then at the end […]

Yes, You Have To Delegate!

One of the biggest factors that limit growth within a company is the owner’s unwillingness to truly delegate. After all […]

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