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Author: David Bixby

David C. Bixby has been active in HVAC industry codes and standards for 35 years and is currently secretary for the ACCA Codes Committee.

ACCA Needs Volunteer to Fight for HVAC Professionals

Bottom Line ACCA is looking for a volunteer to apply for membership on the National Electrical Code (NEC) panel that […]

Get Ready for January and Regional Efficiency Standards!

Get Ready for January and Regional Efficiency Standards: ACCA’s Codes & Coffee on October 19 featured Alex Ayers of HARDI who provided valuable insights on the new AC and heat pump efficiency standards. Contractors need to get ready for January now, especially in the Southern regions of the U.S. 

We Win!!

Bottom Line: NFPA exempts ALL outdoor HVAC from NEC GFCI protection until September 2026.  The Details: An August 26, 2022, […]

ACCA Member Ed Lehr Testifies for You!

ACCA member Ed Lehr testified earlier this month at the NFPA Standards Council’s hearing in Boston. Lehr testified in support of appeals submitted by ACCA and other organizations regarding the National Electrical Code (NEC). The appeals were to urge the Council to fix a bad code change by expanding the current exemption to cover all outdoor HVAC equipment from the NEC requirement for GFCI protection.

New Safety Standard for Residential A2L Refrigeration Systems

After several years of development, ASHRAE has published a new safety standard for installation of residential A2L refrigeration systems. Read all about the important requirements for handling A2L leakage risk including leak sensors here.

A2L Products Now Allowed in Many States – Get Ready!

Many states are now allowing for the use of low-Global Warming Potential (GWP) A2L refrigerants for air conditioning. Despite ACCA’s […]

Inching Toward Victory: GFCI Exemption for Outdoor HVAC

An NFPA Industry Task Group with ACCA representation has recommended an amendment to the 2023 NEC to exempt ALL outdoor HVACR from […]

A2L Refrigerants for Residential HVAC Are Coming! Codes & Coffee to Feature Three Prominent OEMs

On Wednesday, May 11 at 12:00 pm EDT, ACCA Codes & Coffee welcomes three prominent OEMs, who will each provide an update […]

ACCA Energy Code Proposals Approved

Recently, the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) Committee approved proposals submitted by ACCA for public comment. The proposals add the option of conducting a duct airflow balancing procedure per ACCA 5 QI, as well as adding ACCA Manual D, to ensure a more efficient HVAC thermal distribution system.

Grounding and Bonding and Faults! Oh My!

Nuisance trips on outdoor HVACR equipment connected to GFCIs due to the 2020 NEC have created quite a stir. Many states in the U.S. have excluded this requirement due to the efforts of ACCA and others. Regardless of all this, your installed equipment needs to be properly grounded and bonded per the NEC.

CODE WARS: Press-Connect Fittings VS. Brazing for Refrigeration

There has been a “code war” raging over eliminating the use of listed press-connect fittings for refrigeration currently allowed by […]


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ACCA Proposes Airflow Balancing Instead of Duct Leakage Testing for Energy Code

Typically, a home energy rater will conduct duct leakage tests and leakage tests on the home’s building envelope in accordance with energy codes. ACCA has proposed adding a code exception to conduct an airflow balancing procedure instead, thus giving contractors an opportunity to provide a more valuable service. 


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Update on Mechanical Code Change Hearings + New Energy Code Proposals

See the major takeaways HVAC contractors should know from the ICC Mechanical Code Public Comment Hearings that took place in Pittsburgh last month.


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BREAKING: NFPA to Issue Delay of NEC GFCI Requirement for Outdoor HVAC – Forms Task Group

Learn more about the Standards Council of the National Fire Protection Association’s (NFPA) Tentative Interim Amendment (TIA) and what it could mean for your HVAC business.

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