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ACCA Needs Volunteer to Fight for HVAC Professionals

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Bottom Line

ACCA is looking for a volunteer to apply for membership on the National Electrical Code (NEC) panel that develops GFCI protection requirements.


For the past 2 years, ACCA and its Codes Subcommittee have been heavily involved in trying to exempt outdoor HVAC equipment from the GFCI requirements in the 2020 National Electrical Code (NEC). The new requirement of 210.8(F) created widespread nuisance trips wherever it was adopted and enforced by states such as Texas, Minnesota, and others. ACCA and several other trade association allies had to work with the NEC’s Code-Making Panel (CMP) 2, which is under the NEC Technical Committee.

During the above process it was apparent that there was no representation on CMP 2 representing HVAC contractor perspectives, nor from HVAC OEMs. Some of those currently represented on CMP 2 include NEMA, IAEI, U.S. CPSC, GFCI OEMs, NAHB, and NECA, among others. Working with such representation as “outsiders” to the process proved challenging at best.

Reason for Request

Recently, ACCA has become aware that CMP 2 is currently seeking professional individuals with expertise in the panel’s scope that are interested in becoming a member. Specifically, they are seeking individuals classified as Enforcer, Installer/Maintainer, Research & Testing, and User. CMP 2 is responsible for requirements of the NEC in Article 210 (branch circuits), and Article 220 Parts I through V (calculating branch circuit, feeder and service loads). This includes 210.8(A) through (F) for GFCI protection for personnel.

We feel this represents an important opportunity to have a qualified ACCA member apply for membership on CMP 2. Those members interested in volunteering to apply should contact ACCA’s Manager of Codes & Standards at by no later than Friday, November 21, 2022. A qualified candidate will be chosen by us in consultation with ACCA staff and the Chairman of the ACCA Products Committee.

We look forward to hearing from you!

David Bixby

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