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Author: Chris Crew

After selling his successful, multi-locational electrical business, Chris dedicated himself to training and coaching those in the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC trades. As president of The Blue Collar Success Group, Chris continues to share his knowledge and passion for accelerating the path of success for home service companies.

Training Tip: It’s Not Just How We Train, It’s How They Learn

Learn about the three most common types of learners found in the workplace in this blog by Chris Crew of the Blue Collar Success Group.

How to Un-suck Your Training

Retaining the attention of your employees and new hires during training can be difficult. Read this blog to learn some tips on how to keep your training engaging.

TRAININGS vs. MEETINGS: How to Get Maximum Benefits from Both

Trainings and meetings are very different, and they offer different benefits and advantages. Read this blog to learn more about training and meetings.

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