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Announcing ACCA Quality Installation with measureQuick!

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ACCA is proud to announce ACCA Quality Installation (QI) with the measureQuick app. The simple way to earn the nationally recognized certificate for high-quality HVAC equipment installation and system performance. With QI certificates, contractors can prove they’ve used industry standards to stand out from the competition and delivered the comfort and performance their customers want. For a limited time, early adopters can receive complimentary certificates through the end of 2023. Here’s an overview of the new program and how your company can benefit from participating!

What Are Quality Installation Certificates?

There are two different ACCA QI certificates: Verified Equipment Operation (VEO) and Verified System Performance (VSP). VEO certificates cover HVAC equipment that is installed and verified to meet high standards of operation. VSP certificates go a step further—in addition to meeting all of the VEO certificate requirements, the entire system, including design and ductwork, is taken into consideration. One of the benefits of VSP certification is that it could  also receive ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation (ESVI) certification at the same time.

How Does QI Certification Work?

QI Certification is powered by measureQuick, an advanced HVAC app that collects and analyzes data from Bluetooth probes. 

After an HVAC technician installs a system, they set up the probes to test its performance. If the equipment and system meet the ACCA QI-approved requirements, measureQuick will give the tech the option to purchase a QI certificate directly through the app. If the system doesn’t meet VEO or VSP requirements on the first try, the app will walk the technician through an easy-to-follow diagnostic process to improve performance until it does. 

How Contractors Benefit from ACCA QI Certificate

Incorporating QI certificates into your business helps you benefit in two major ways: first, by helping you differentiate yourself in the marketplace, and second, by helping to improve your business internally. 

As businesses compete, they are always looking to stand out from the competition, QI certificates prove the quality of your work to homeowners via third-party verification. Not only do QI certificates have the full backing of ACCA, but, ENERGY STAR, a QI program partner. One of the most recognizable and trusted industry brands for homeowners, contractors can offer an ENERGY STAR Verified HVAC Installation certificate for qualified VSP certificates when the installation also meets efficiency standards. QI Certificates also help your sales team, they create value to support the cost to do the job. 

Earning an ACCA QI certificate program can also help raise the bar for quality work across your entire team of installation techs. By incorporating the QI certification process into your operating practices, including use of the measureQuick app, you can ensure that higher installation standards are met across the board. This leads to shorter sales cycles, larger ticket sizes, and higher close rates. 

Receive Complementary QI Certificates for All of 2023—Act Now for This Limited Time Offer!

As we launch this new certification program, early adopters can take advantage of complimentary certificates for both equipment and systems through the end of 2023—all you’ll pay is the $5 per system measureQuick fee.  

For QA contractors, certificates are free in 2023! And in 2024 and beyond, you will receive an additional 20 complimentary certificates every year as well! This is a great opportunity to get ahead of the curve and position yourself as the local ACCA QI contractor in your area. 

Learn more and become an ACCA QI contractor. Visit our Quality Installation page to get started. 

Become a member today to participate in ACCA’s new QI certification.
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