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ACHR’s 2023 Top Women in HVAC

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In the male-dominated realm of HVACR, a pressing question hangs in the air: how can the industry bolster female representation? This crucial inquiry demands thoughtful responses and active initiatives. The team at The ACHR NEWS comprehends the urgency of this matter, acknowledging the need for change and celebrating the significant progress made by remarkable women in HVACR. They spotlight these inspiring figures each year through the prestigious Top Women in HVAC list.

Breaking Down the Numbers

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, only 2% of HVACR employees are women. While this statistic might appear disheartening, it’s vital to recognize the positive shift occurring within the industry. More and more women are appreciating the diverse advantages of pursuing a career in HVACR, leading to a gradual increase in their presence in this traditionally male-dominated field.

This year, the call for nominations for the Top Women in HVAC list generated an overwhelming response. With over 450 nominations, it is clear that a rising number of talented women are making significant strides in HVACR. Choosing the final honorees from this exceptional pool of nominees was undeniably daunting.

Honoring Excellence

Despite the challenges, the curated list showcases the industry’s best and brightest women in HVACR. These exceptional individuals have made a lasting impact on the industry and continue to mold its future. They represent various roles within HVACR, underscoring women’s multifaceted contributions to enhance the industry and foster a more inclusive atmosphere for their peers.

From technicians to engineers, project managers to entrepreneurs, these women stand as trailblazers, innovators, and leaders. They embody resilience, determination, and expertise, inspiring countless others to follow in their footsteps. Their stories serve as more than just inspiration; they are a testament to the transformative influence of workplace diversity.

ACCA congratulates all the exceptional women gracing the Top Women in HVAC list this year, especially our members and partners. Their achievements are not merely personal triumphs but shining examples of hope and progress for an entire industry. By shattering barriers and challenging stereotypes, these women are shaping a future where HVACR is a welcoming and empowering career choice for all.

Amanda Zink, Air Control Home Services (ACCA Contractor Member)

Jennifer Butsch, Copeland (ACCA Platinum Corporate Partner)

Brooke Greenwood, Carrier (ACCA Premium Corporate Partner)

Kate Houghton, Hudson Technologies (ACCA Premium Corporate Partner)

Rosa Leal, Rheem (ACCA Premium Corporate Partner)

Christina Spalding, Chemours (ACCA Standard Corporate Partner)

As these achievements are celebrated, it is crucial to acknowledge the collective responsibility shared by the industry. By fostering an environment that champions diversity and equality, the HVACR sector can continue to thrive with the brilliance and talent of women at its very core.

In the face of challenges, these women stand tall, proving unequivocally that gender is never a limitation but a boundless source of strength. Together, let us persist in empowering, supporting, and celebrating the women in HVACR, ensuring their invaluable contributions are recognized.

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