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ACCA’s Committee Crunch: Serving on an ACCA Committee

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ACCA’s committees are one of the best ways to have an active say in what ACCA is doing and the products, services, and events that are being developed. Regardless of where your interests lie, there is a committee should pique your interest and needs your involvement. 

One of the biggest reasons many ACCA members say they don’t want to serve on a committee is they just don’t have the time to serve. This is a valid concern, but let’s break down how much time it really takes to serve. 

Q: How much time do I need to give to serve on a committee? 

A: On average, ACCA committees meet once a month via Zoom for 1 hour. They also meet in-person at the ACCA Conference and Expo each year. And many of the ACCA committees take a short break from meeting in the summer (June, July, August) to focus on their businesses during the busiest and most profitable times of the year. 

Other than these meetings, from time-to-time committee members are asked to review content, speak at events, post to the Contractor Forum, and/or write short blogs to share with the membership. 

Q: How long do you serve on a committee? 

A: One year. Yes, that is correct. ACCA asks that if you accept a seat on a committee that you serve for one full year, which is ACCA conference to ACCA Conference. So, if you apply to be a member of an ACCA committee now, you will begin serving in March 2022 and your term will end in April 2023. 

Q: What happens if I can no longer serve on a committee? 

A: It happens, things change, and other priorities take precedence. If there is at any time you need to step down from an ACCA committee, all you need to do is email the committee chairs and ACCA’s Committee Liaison.  

That’s it! It’s that easy. The time commitment is small, but the rewards you receive for the investment far exceeds what you put in. So, there is only one last question…can we count you in for a committee to help ACCA continue to grow and provide contractors like you the resources and services you want and need. 

Apply to Join an ACCA Committee 

ACCA’s committees only work if members actively participate in them. We are always looking for great committee members! Scan the QR Code or visit to apply and give back to your association!

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