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ACCA Online Videos Assist Officials and Contractors in Verifying Code Compliance with Manuals J, S and D

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ACCA helps contractors comply with building codes. We also help code officials understand HVAC system design. Especially when it comes to verifying compliance with ACCA Manual J (load calculation), Manual S (equipment selection), and Manual D (duct design). These manuals are mandatory requirements found in the building codes by seeking recognition and enforcement of ACCA standards as mandatory requirements in building codes, we help to ensure a level playing field for contractors committed to doing the job right.

ACCA has developed a three-part video series that aims to help code officials better understand the three main aspects of a proper residential HVAC system design; a load calculation, selecting the appropriate equipment, and proper duct sizing. The basis for the videos are the code-referenced ACCA Manual J, Manual S, and Manual D. The videos do not represent a design course, but instead , provide an overview of the design process and presents ACCA-recommended verification points. This better enables code officials to verify that a system was designed correctly. It also provides contractors with guidance on demonstrating compliance with code officials. The following link will take you to the videos:

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