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ACCA Has Been Busy Working for You

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Where did summer go? Between the hot days, hot customers, and keeping up with demand, time has flown by and we find ourselves with cool nights and falling leaves. I hope all of you had a successful summer. I know it was not without challenges and obstacles brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and civil unrest.

In-Person…It’s Coming!
The staff and the committees at ACCA have also been busy preparing for some exciting events. From November 10-12, ACCA will hold its first in-person Residential Design for Quality Installation Class of the year in Apex, NC. This is an exciting event because it’s the first step towards a more normal way of life. There is limited space and of course social distancing and safety protocols will be in place for the class. Learn more here:

ACCA’s exciting and informative events take hours to develop and arrange. The staff at ACCA and the volunteers from the committees have been tirelessly working to provide not only the very best in events; but also in codes, products, government affairs, and building our relationship with our corporate partners. Thank you all for the excellent work and your dedication to the HVAC industry.

Working on Contractors’ Priorities
ACCA continues to be at the forefront of HVAC issues. In August, ACCA received the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) Silver Award for its Workforce Development Initiative. Check out the workforce page on the ACCA website to review the resources ACCA has for its members at

ACCA has partnered with ASHRAE’s Epidemic Task Force to develop proper procedures and practices to service and maintain HVAC equipment in regards to the COVID-19 virus. Keep an eye out for more details on this in the near future. ACCA has also begun strengthening its relationships with Allied Contracting Organizations (ACO) throughout the US, so we can work closer together on state and local issues that involve HVAC.

Volunteers and Staff Make It Happen
Once again, all these accomplishments happened because of individuals – volunteers and staff – that have the desire and passion to make the HVAC industry better.

Is there an HVAC issue that YOU are passionate about, something that you would like to change or improve? Come join us…we have a job for you! ACCA has a committee structure that encourages members to actively play a role in how ACCA works for their interests. There are five main committees that work with the ACCA staff:

EVENTS COMMITTEE. If ACCA is going to sponsor, attend or create an event, this is the committee responsible. They will provide the support for the annual conference, fall forums, regional training events, and anything else that they can come up with that will help to support our members and our industry partners.

SERVICES COMMITTEE. This committee is responsible for delivering the products and services that ACCA has to offer
our members through numerous sources including internet sales, online training, training and education downloads, and anything else that provides value to membership. This committee will work in conjunction with other committees to develop new materials and assist with repackaging of currently offered materials and making them easily accessible.

MEMBERSHIP COMMITTEE. This committee is responsible for two areas: bringing in new members to ACCA, as our numbers are our strength and the stronger we are the louder the voice we have in the industry, and by natural extension will also help to retain current membership by creating a more engaging dialogue. This group will be the marketing arm of ACCA in that we need to let people know who we are and what we can offer their business when it comes to being successful.

PARTNERS COMMITTEE. This committee is responsible for nurturing the relationships that matter to our association and our members. This would include ACCA corporate partners, the ACOs, other industry associations, and any other association that would benefit our mission. This is accomplished through different modes of communication, advertising, newsletters, and whatever else the committee decides.

PRODUCTS COMMITTEE. This committee will develop and maintain the technical materials that ACCA offers its members. They are responsible for creating new standards and ensuring that any ANSI certified products remain qualified/certified. They also help to create whitepapers to support questions that come from our members or industry partners.

Any ACCA contractor member may apply to be a member of any of ACCA’s Committees – an updated application is now available online at If you have questions about any of the committees, please contact Melissa Broadus, ACCA’s Committee Liaison at or 703-824-8842.

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