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ACCA Committee Orientation: Success from the Start!

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ACCA committees are a critical part of the success of the association. These groups, made up of ACCA contractor members, corporate partners, and associate members, provide guidance to the Board of Directors and the ACCA staff on what contractors need to be better businesspeople and to grow their profitability.  

ACCA cannot function well without these volunteers, which is why ACCA developed its new committee orientation program. ACCA’s Committee Liaison, Melissa Broadus, and Stephen Pape, CFO of Pape Services, LLC, Associate Dean at Dallas College – Coppell Center, and ACCA Senior Vice Chair of the Board presented the first four committee orientation sessions via Zoom in May and June. In Pape’s position of Senior Vice Chair of ACCA’s Board of Directors, he oversees all of ACCA’s committees and helps foster involvement in the committees by those who are not currently serving. 

ACCA committee members must attend one committee orientation session, which lasts 45 – 60 minutes. The orientation covers topics, such as: 

  • The background and structure of ACCA committees 
  • Who can serve on a committee 
  • The application process to join a committee 
  • Who chooses the committee chairs and co-chairs  
  • The time commitment for serving on a committee 
  • General meeting schedules 
  • The financial responsibility of committee members to ACCA 
  • Attendance policy 

The goal of the committee orientation is to help committee members be successful in their service. Being knowledgeable about the expectations upfront makes serving on a committee easier and more fulfilling.  

ACCA appreciates all of its volunteer leaders and the impact that each of their ideas and input has had on ACCA’s work.  The association is stronger and better with its volunteers. 

If you are interested in learning more about ACCA committees or would like to apply to join a committee, visit or email

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