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Make Sure Your Load Calculation Software Meets Standards

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Given the complexities of modern construction, contractors and design professionals are encouraged to use software for accurate system design. However, not all load calculation software is created equal.

ACCA, the Indoor Environment & Energy Efficiency Association, issued a warning to the HVACR industry yesterday, reminding contractors and code officials that they should only use load calculation software that the association has verified as Manual J® compliant. Manual J has been the ANSI-approved national standard for determining residential load calculations for HVACR systems since 2004, and, according to ACCA, has been the industry recognized standard for load calculations for 50 years and is required by many building codes and regulations.

ACCA is reminding contractors that only those software programs that have been approved and licensed by ACCA as “Powered by Manual J®” can be considered in compliance with codes and regulations requiring the use of Manual J®.

As of today, according to ACCA the only software programs that meet the requirements for Manual J® load calculations are:

RHVAC Residential Load Calculation from Elite Software
Right – J from Wrightsoft
AccuLoads from ADTEK Software Company
Florida Solar Energy Center’s EnergyGauge
CarmelSoft HVAC ResLoad-J
Avenir’s HeatCAD And LoopCAD

Any other software program, online service, or mobile application may not be considered to be compliant with the Manual J® standard, according to ACCA, and should not be used where Manual J® is required. Use of non-authorized software may pose a liability for the contractor that installs the system.

For more information on Manual J®, the ACCA system design process, and load calculation software, ACCA encourages industry professionals to visit

Software providers interested in applying for validation and licensing of their product should contact Glenn Hourahan at

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