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5 Steps To Resolving Issues

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Every decision you make in business can result in great rewards, have no impact, or result in serious negative consequences. When you make these decisions that result in a problem, whether you cause it or not, it does not matter. However it becomes necessary for you to make a plan of action for resolution. Here are some steps to use whenever you are faced with challenges in work and life:

1. Do Research

  • Take the time to actually think about it, process potential outcomes and try to solve the challenge facing you.
  • Get others involved. It is okay to ask for help. There may be someone who has faced similar issues that can guide you through this.
  • It’s okay to admit it is your fault. Just get it fixed and make sure it doesn’t happen again.
  • Use your own experiences. Think about times in the past when you have overcome problems and handled them well.

2. Analyze the situation

  • Stop thinking emotionally and think logically.
  • Accept things for what they really are, process it, interpret it, and define the true issue.
  • Stop looking at this as a negative, focus on the positive learning experience you gain from it, and determine a plan of action to avoid things like this in the future.

3. Decide what the anticipated outcome will be

  • Something requires change and in order to do that you need to know what it will be like when you are finished.
  • Write down your goal, and write down the plan to get there.

4. List all limitations, tools, and resources

  • Is there anyone who can help?
  • What are the possible road blocks?
  • What tools or information sources are available to maximize your potential?
  • Any time constraints?
  • Who needs to be involved, who needs to be avoided?

• Any other constraints?

5. Go do it and get it done!

  • Who is responsible for what?
  • When will this happen?
  • How do we measure success?

Problem solving normally requires some type of change. Keep in mind that the problem or challenge you are facing may be specifically the result of one person’s errors. The solution that results in resolving a problem should be something that has a minimal effect on the day-to-day operations of a business.

Use common sense. Find the specific problem, develop a specific plan of action for the problem, and set a target date and goal. Measure the success and follow up.

Frank Besednjak

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