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5 Compelling Reasons HVAC Contractors Need To Be In Home Performance

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After a nice dinner at La Palette in Toronto one evening, I began walking down Queen Street as I headed back toward my hotel. Out of the corner of my eye, I spied a piece of paper on the ground. It looked a lot like Canadian money. Surely my eyes deceived me. It must’ve just been my lack of familiarity with their currency. Right?

But wait. Had I seen the number ‘100’ on the corner of the little piece of paper? About 5 meters down the sidewalk, I turned back to investigate further. As I walked toward the place where I’d seen that bit of paper, the excited faces on two young women who had been walking behind me confirmed my suspicion. The piece of paper was gone, and the two women whispered and giggled as they continued down Queen Street.

HVAC contractors similarly walk past opportunity every day. Here are 5 good reasons why you need to take a little extra time and look at the sidewalk if you’re in the HVAC business.

1. Your customers call you for their reasons, not yours.

You know about capacitors, compressors, superheat, and TXVs. Your customer cares about how hot or cool or humid or noisy or expensive their home is. The solution often lies beyond the box you’re so familiar with.

2. Comfort and efficiency are multidimensional.

Yes, you can air condition a tent, but watch how the people in that tent cluster near the vents. Take a look at the bill when it comes in. Including the building enclosure in your scope means your customers will be happy to find they can use more of the space in their homes, and do it affordably. Comfort and efficiency must include the building enclosure.

3. Better working conditions for your technicians

Encapsulate a crawl space or attic and your techs will fight over who gets to go to that house when the next service call comes in.


4. Bigger contracts

When you get a comfort call and see that you could just change the filter and service their system, or you could inform the customer that the upstairs is so uncomfortable because of all the poorly insulated attic kneewalls and unsealed can lights.

5. It’s easier for an HVAC company to add insulation & air sealing than an insulation company to add HVAC.

Yet somehow, probably more insulation companies than HVAC companies call themselves home performance contractors. They’re sealing ducts. Why shouldn’t you insulate and air-seal?

Don’t want to add building enclosure services to your HVAC business? Partner with a company that’s already in that business. The truth is that if you really want to solve your customers’ problems, you have to address the house as a system.

And if you’re looking for a way to jump into home performance contracting, a great opportunity is just around the corner. ACCA’s Building Performance Forum gives you a chance to learn from leaders in the field as well as others in your industry who also are trying to figure it out. It’s being held in Austin, Texas on October 1-2, 2013.

How many times do you need to walk past that $100 bill before you get the hint?

Allison Bailes, III, PhD
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