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4 Epic Tips to Boost Adwords ROI

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Spending money on any internet advertising campaign can be frustrating when it does not result in new customers or increased revenue. It feels like the advertising money is going into the black hole and you end up wondering whether to stop it altogether or spend more.

Many companies in the HVAC industry have forged the Adwords trail with much success while others have fallen flat on their faces with nothing to show. The biggest reasons for failure are straightforward, as in anything, success comes from knowing or finding the most direct path to sales conversions.

There are several mistakes HVAC marketers make that can be easily corrected even before trying on our formula boosters. In fact, these mistakes are costly and are the primary reasons why campaigns fail. See if any of these sound familiar:

  • Starting the campaign and letting it run without analysis: Metrics were created to increase success ratios, but many companies don’t use them.
  • Ignoring the power of A/B testing: You never know which message will best connect with the potential audience and kick sales into a higher gear without testing.
  • Ignoring the mobile market: The mobile market is here to stay and must be addressed.
  • Keyword laziness: Selecting keywords that are too general or don’t work, but never get changed.
  • Landing pages that are too general: You can’t “lead the horse to the water” if the landing page doesn’t include a strong and clear call-to-action.

Making sure your internet advertising campaign doesn’t suffer from those common mistakes with the following four tips that will put you light years ahead of your competition.

Epic Tip #1: It’s all About the Quality Score!
Targeted keywords that are relevant with the landing page and receive a high click-through-rate (CTR) are the main ingredients of a high quality score. Creating a solid connection between the two will translate to a lower cost of maintaining your search result page position.

To that end, create ad groups that are targeted with three-to-five keywords or less. Also, use negative keywords to minimize unwanted impressions and improve click-through-rate and use highly relevant keywords that match the landing page copy.

Example: Try using your Adgroup keywords in key areas like Title, H1, H2, page copy and Image Titles. This helps Google associate your page with the keywords you are trying to promote on your Ads. This is one of the factors that helps you achieve a higher quality score.

Epic Tip #2: Keyword Research on Good Performers
Run metrics on keywords that are performing well to find new variations, which can bring in additional results that may not come in through the original keyword grouping. Expanding on the winning keywords is an often overlooked strategy that we have found to be highly successful. Mixing and matching performing terms on your organic campaign can easily improve rankings, but – as always- we encourage testing and measuring.

Example: Let’s say you are using an exact match keyword like “heating services + Your Area/city” in your ad group and notice it’s sending most of the calls and leads to your business. You can use the same keyword as a “modified broad match” to target more similar keywords and monitor the performance of the campaign closely. Through this process many new keywords will emerge and can be added to your exact match keywords.

Epic Tip #3: Nudge Bids Slightly Upward on Converting Keywords
When monitoring your weekly Adword return-on-investment, don’t hesitate to move upwards on your bids if that particular keyword is paying off. Follow its movement while it continues to provide an acceptable ROI.

For further enhancement, you can use enhanced bids to let Google decide bids based on analytics conversion data. This data is valuable and Google will know which type of traffic is more likely to convert.

ECPC does a similar job for your AdWords ads. It’s a bidding feature that looks for ad auctions that are more likely to lead to sales for you, and then raises your max CPC bid up to 30% (after applying any bid adjustments you’ve set) to compete harder for those clicks.

Epic Tip #4: USP Plus Great Offer is a Game Changer!
A solid “unique selling proposition” (USP) combined with an irresistible offer eliminates price comparison and improves conversion rates. Basically, that combination weeds out low quality or unwanted leads. Matching your USP and offer on the landing page is the key to a successful campaign-website performance and impacts ROI directly.

Example: Match the offer on your ads with your landing page header and call-to-action! Note that your potential customer is there on your website because of the initial offer that was expressed in your ads.

Follow these guidelines to rectify the most common internet advertising mistakes and go for the gold with these epic tips that will definitely boost the results of your Adwords campaigns.

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