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3 Solar Technologies Every Contractor Should Know About

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In today’s competitive market, it takes even more than just getting a job done, done well, and done on time. Contractors need to stay updated on the latest advances and trends in their field, which includes solar technology. With more and more customers turning to this energy source for their homes and businesses, contractors need to know what is available on the market to meet customer’s needs. If you are unable to do this, chances are you will lose a customer, likely to one of your competitors.

In order to keep your business growing and relevant in an eco-conscious market, it is high time to jump on board the solar energy trend. Some of the latest technologies offered by solar energy that can benefit contractors are highlighted here.

Why Solar?
The capacity of solar panels has increased significantly in recent years, they have become somewhat mainstream, with the cost per watt of the silicon photovoltaic cells clocking in at $76.67 in 1977 and currently sitting at just $0.36, according to Refrigeration School, Inc. This significant drop has had a huge, positive impact on every industry, including contractors who serve eco-conscious customers.

#1: Floating solar power
Floating solar power is a trend that is gaining traction in some areas of California, Singapore, South Korea, the UK, and Japan. This product has been named ‘Floatovoltaics’ to describe the fact that the photovoltaic cells are actually placed on water. There are a number of benefits to this, such as that no land is needed, they will not lose effectiveness as the temperature increases, since the water will absorb the feed, and when the water is covered by the floating solar projects they will actually slow down evaporation. In drier climates, this could be extremely beneficial. The idea of floating solar projects is good for both the environment and for those wishing to save money on energy costs.

#2: Solar stickers
Developed at Stanford University, solar stickers have the potential to extend the range of the solar cell applications. In fact, they will make virtually any surface a target for solar power. These stickers are being designed to adhere to windows, walls, roofs, or any other surface of a building that is exposed to sunlight, in order to produce energy. They will be able to be used for personal electronics, or even adhered to clothing and bags. These stickers are said to have the potential to eliminate barriers to solar energy and could allow virtually everyone to have and install PVs within seconds.

#3: Perovskite
The solar industry seems to have nowhere to go but up, as it continues to evolve. According to an article published by CNN, a new material called perovskite has been found, and it is beginning to rival the more expensive crystalline silicon used to make photovoltaics. This new and exciting substance is a mineral found in the earth’s mantle and was discovered and named after the Russian mineralogist Lev Perovski. Using this mineral makes for an easier and less expensive way to make solar panels.

In time, this mineral could make solar energy affordable for nearly every home and business, not just in the United States, but also all over the world. This seems to be even more of a reality when we look at an article published by Bloomberg Business that states that solar energy will eventually be cheaper than fossil fuels and will certainly be the world’s largest supplier of energy by the year 2050.

If you’re a contractor who is concerned about the environment and who wants to stay ahead of the energy game, then taking the time to stay informed about the advances and projected outcomes of solar energy development technologies, while offering solar energy products and installation services to your customers, is something you can’t afford to miss out on.

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