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What’s the Point of Pinterest?

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Pinterest for Business? Really? I hear the collective sighs as you read about yet another social media platform!

If you’re like many of the business-minded folks I talk to, you’ve heard of Pinterest, but you’re not quite sure if it’s right for your business. What you need to know is Pinterest has exploded in popularity with the daily number of Pinterest users increasing 145% since January 2012 making Pinterest the third largest social network just behind Facebook and Twitter. (source

Pinterest seems to appeal more to women. They build boards, pin, repin, like, and comment within the virtual community. They may be collecting information on fashion or pop culture to keep up with the latest trends, craft s, and food ideas for the closet Martha Stewarts out there, or maybe even doing something constructive like scoping out colleges or potential careers. Most Pinterest users are women between the ages of 25 and 34 and nearly 20% of all females using the internet are actively using Pinterest! (source

You can’t argue with those startling statistics! Why fight it? So, let’s head down the Pinterest path together to discuss what it’s all about and overcome some common Pinterest pitfalls.

What is Pinterest?

You’ve heard the buzz, but you’re still not sure what Pinterest is? Pinterest is a free social network that allows users to share and curate visual content. Think of it as creating multiple bulletin boards, each dedicated to a specific interest. The content can be organized any way you want — you create boards (an area of interest) and add pins (relevant content) to each board. As you connect with other Pinterest users, you begin to learn more about what interests them and you interact just as you would on other social networks by sharing and commenting on the content.

Why is Pinterest Important?

Using Pinterest is a great way to GROW your electronic footprint! Each piece of content you pin can be a link to relevant information on your website. You can drive traffic right to your site! By sharing and engaging with other Pinterest users, you can establish yourself as an authority and go-to source in your industry. So links, traffic, sharing, and authority all add up to LEADS for your business! Pinterest is FREE — all you’ll invest is your time.

How do I get started on Pinterest?

There are many free guides and tutorials to help you set up your Pinterest account and understand the Pinterest terminology and etiquette. It’s really not difficult, but there’s an easier way to jump start your Pinterest presence. Ask around the office and I bet you’ll fi nd a Pinterest user! They’ll jump at the chance to set up a Pinterest account for the company! Just have clear guidelines for what you expect and show examples of business Pinterest accounts you like. It doesn’t matter if you’re B2C (business to consumer) or B2B (business to business) — in the end it’s all P2P (people to people). Using Pinterest is a great way to humanize your brand and cut through the garbly gook of corporate speak.

There are so few air conditioning companies in my area on Pinterest

Read that aloud, s-l-o-w-l-y. There’s your number one reason to start a Pinterest account! Be the go-to source for air conditioning information in your community or area of expertise.

I have nothing to pin on Pinterest

Here’s the thing, you really shouldn’t be SELLING on Pinterest. What you should do is show how you can solve problems! Take before and aft er pictures of recent installations, pin them to a “cool solutions” board and link to product information on your website. Or how about posting pictures of the notes from satisfied customers on an “our customers say it best” board? Introduce your technicians and staff by posting pictures of them on a “we’re here to help” board and link to bios on your website.

I have no time for Pinterest

It does take some time to set up your Pinterest account, but once you have the boards set up there’s no need to create new content that’s Pinterest specific. Repurpose what you already have and think of it as an investment in your digital identity. Each new pin is a potential way for someone to connect with your business.

So, are you ready to take the Pinterest plunge? You’ve got nothing to lose and you’ll have fun in the process. Ready, set, PIN!

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