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What HVACR and Auto Sales Have in Common

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The inside of an HVAC service van with various HVAC equipment hanging on the wall

The current states of the HVACR industry and automotive retailing have never been more alike. As HVACR contractors continue to see price increases for equipment and increased overhead costs, passing these higher prices to customers has been worrisome. In this article from ACHR News, Rodney Koop, founder, and CEO of The New Flat Rate suggests that HVACR contractors should pass along prices the same way car dealers do—via financing options.

Consumers increasingly want to finance their HVAC purchases, and more financial entities, like Ally Bank, are hopping on board. Providing the opportunity to lease HVAC equipment has also been considered as a way to offset price increases.

To learn more about what effects these price increases have on the industry and customers, along with suggestions on how to combat them, click here.


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