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Updated Government Relations Top Priorities for the 116th Congress

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After a successful two years for the HVAC industry under the 115th Congress, ACCA is thrilled to announce our top priorities for the 116th Congress!

During ACCA’s 2019 Annual Conference and Expo, ACCA contractor members attended a Townhall meeting where they were presented ACCA’s drafted priorities for the 116th Congress. ACCA uses these priorities when meeting with members of Congress to work as a tool to express member interests. Contractor members were then able to vote on how important they felt each priority was to their business. Based on these responses ACCA was able to rank our priorities based on their importance in three categories (high, medium, and low).

The priorities are as follows:

High Priority:

  • Commercial Efficiency Programs
  • Refrigerants
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Workforce

Medium Priority:

  • Healthcare
  • Regulatory Reform
  • Taxes

Service and Maintenance Tax Deduction

Low Priority:

  • Low Income Housing and Low-Income Energy Program
  • Climate Change
  • Infrastructure
  • Cooling Element Project

ACCA members can read full background on these priorities and the solutions that ACCA supports on ACCA’s member blog at

Although we will be representing all of these priorities on Capitol Hill, we are now able to better understand which of these are most important to our members. ACCA will now begin to meet with Members of Congress to express these priorities. In fact, we have already met with four congressional offices in the House of Representatives!

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