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Tis the Season…for Maintenance

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We know it may not feel like it in some places just yet, but it’s now Autumn (or Fall, depending on where you live). This is the perfect time of year to perform maintenance agreements in preparation for the coming winter months. Improvements to keep in mind include:

• Air balancing (for hot/cold rooms)
• High-performance registers to replace drafty, rattling, stamped-steel builder-grade models.
• Dehumidification equipment
• Zoning system
• Duct sealing/duct modifications

Health and Safety: 
• Improved air filtration/purification
• Dehumidification
• Duct sealing

Energy Efficiency: 
• Clean components, especially evaporator coils and indoor blower assemblies.
• Duct sealing
• Duct renovations
• Air balancing

Technicians should also look for items purchased and installed by others, like high-efficiency air filters that lower airflow and incorrectly installed UV lights that could damage internal wiring casing components susceptible to UV rays.

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