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The Value of Duct Cleaning in HVAC

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Duct-cleaning work may be a valuable addition to an HVAC contractor’s repertoire. Not only would providing duct-cleaning work add another source of revenue for your business, it would also allow technicians to view an HVAC system from a different perspective, brining into view problems that might not otherwise be apparent.

Dirty ducts can sometimes indicate a larger problem with an HVAC system or the ductwork itself, said David Richardson of the National Comfort Institute (NCI). “The knowledge of duct cleaning opens many doors to correct those problems. It helps a contractor to look beyond the equipment.”

Duct cleaning can be used as a wat to increase equipment change-outs, sell upgraded filtration, UV lights, and any other indoor air quality products you offer. Though cleaning ducts is associated with HVAC work, not all contractors are sold on it. One selling point is the opportunity to create good entry-level jobs through an added duct-cleaning service. It can also be a way to keep experienced techs busy during the slow seasons.

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