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The Nitty Gritty of Employee Management Featured at ACCA 2023

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Managing employees can be one of the tougher and more complex parts of owning a business. It involves effectively overseeing and directing the work of a team, but also includes setting performance expectations, providing regular feedback, motivating and coaching employees, handling disciplinary actions, and effectively communicating company policies and procedures. To help you navigate the complexities of successful management, ACCA is bringing together top minds at our Annual Conference to present best practices to move your company forward.

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Are Horrible Employees Holding You Hostage?

Presented by Aaron Ruddick, Reliable Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning

Finding and keeping great employees is one of the most important aspects of the service industry. But what if things go wrong? This session covers how to determine where processes failed, how to root out a rotten employee, best practices for regaining control of your staff, and when termination is the best way out.


See Each Employee’s Worth

Presented by Josh Vanderplate, CEO & Continuous Improvement Officer at Vertex Mechanical

What would happen if a valuable team member was gone today? Are you creating positions for the right people or trying to fit people into preconceived positions? This session highlights:

  • The value of a robust employee retention plan that includes personal improvement plans.
  • How team mapping provides a unique view into the value of roles and provides a new way to process compensation agreements for each team member.
  • How to evaluate the pain thresholds in your business and the impact each team member has on departments and leaders.
  • The cost of losing a good employee.


Build An Unstoppable Team

Presented by Bryan Dodge, Dodge Development Inc.

Before you can build your team into an efficient and leading performer, you must first understand how successful teams think and grow. Join Bryan as he shows you:

  • The enemies that are holding your team back.
  • Time management tools that allow you to accomplish more in less time.
  • The key steps to coaching up instead of managing down.
  • How to create chemistry within your team.
  • How to take ownership of leadership, and much more.


I Was Fined What?

Presented by Brooke Duncan

Join ACCA’s Employment and Labor Law expert, Brooke Duncan, as he discusses topics you need to know to avoid millions of dollars in penalties, including how to navigate prevailing wages and the best ways to stay ahead of bureaucracy and keep your money.


Don’t miss this opportunity to improve your employee management skills. Join us April 2-5 at the beautiful New Orleans Marriott for ACCA 2023 Conference & Expo. Register today!



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