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The Future is Clean Energy

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HVACR is an ever-changing industry filled with constantly evolving trends, products, and updates. As President Joe Biden pushes for clean energy, it is no surprise that the demand for renewable energy, like solar and wind, along with energy-efficient products, has increased. Unfortunately, many American homeowners hear misconceptions about clean energy, promoting misinformation about the energy-efficient industry. As business owners, it is your responsibility to stay on top of industry trends to ensure that they are provided with the correct information and latest products. However, we know that the clean energy industry can be overwhelming. In this article, you will learn about two important benefits to consider when venturing into clean and energy-efficient products.  

It Brings Revenue 

Did you know that clean and sustainable energy has become important for many homeowners and individuals today? According to Forbes magazine, businesses must begin incorporating sustainability in their marketing tactics as it has become a deciding factor in many consumers’ purchasing decisions.  

In addition, past strategies will no longer predict nor benefit the growth and success of your business. As energy-efficient products become more popular, constant changeouts are inevitable. If you find yourself behind these up-and-coming trends, you will prevent your business from bringing in more revenue.  

According to a recent national survey conducted by Consumer Reports, most Americans prefer that their homes be powered from renewable sources such as solar and wind. Additionally, homeowners from states with a higher average use of coal such as Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, and Virginia are also interested in clean energy. Survey statistics show that:  

  • 81 percent agree that reducing pollution from power plants is a worthwhile goal  
  • 76 percent agree that increasing renewable energy is a worthwhile goal  
  • 70 percent agree that they expect electricity to become cleaner over time  
  • 53 percent say they would be willing to install solar panels on their own roof or participate in a community solar garden or array if they could recover their investment in five years 
  • 48 percent say they’d be willing to pay five dollars more per month for energy that comes from renewable sources 

If you are unsure where to start, the upcoming Solar Forum will be the best way to learn about the value of renewable energy solutions and solar certifications. The Solar Forum 2022, presented by ACCA and Pearl Certification will be the nation’s first HVAC and solar event and will occur on January 24-26, 2022, at the Crown Plaza in Phoenix, Arizona. The forum will offer HVACR contractors inspiring educational sessions, innovative products, service providers, and networking opportunities with other contractors, and will include multiple Learning Lab sessions, including:  

  • HVAC, Solar & SMART Technologies with Casey Murphy, Pearl Certification, and Guest Panelists.  
  • Oh My, We Want More Pie! AKA: Alternative Business Models for HVAC & Solar Contractors with Bethany Profaizer and Derek Estes, Pearl Certification. 
  • Are Your Clients Richer When You Leave Their Home? With Robin LeBaron, Pearl Certification. 

It Creates More Jobs 

As the HVACR industry continues to struggle due to the labor shortage, it is no surprise that the demand for skilled technicians is expected to rise by 15 percent between 2016 and 2026. However, a new report states that the clean energy industry can help job growth across the country. According to an E2 (Environmental Entrepreneurs) report, the energy efficient industry employs 2.25 million workers across the country, making it the top employer and biggest job creator. In addition, the E4TheFuture states that 49 percent of the 2.25 million energy efficiency jobs in the United States are currently in the HVACR field.  

To give you a better perspective about the job opportunities, statistics show that: 

  • The energy efficient industry is the fastest growing job sector in energy, accounting for half of the entire energy industry’s job growth (133,000) in 2017 
  • 11 percent of energy efficient jobs held by veterans, which is greater than the national average of veterans in the workforce (6 percent) 
  • 315,578 manufacturing jobs in energy efficiency, an increase of nearly 10 percent in 2017 alone 
  • 2X energy efficiency employs twice as many workers in the USA as all fossil fuel sectors combined  

While it can be overwhelming, the clean industry is an industry that will not only benefit the environment and your customers, but it can also benefit your business. As more businesses continue to invest and support the clean industry, this can open even more job opportunities for you and the entire HVACR industry.
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