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Technician’s Guide & Work Book For Quality Installations Updated

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The “new and improved” Technician’s Guide for QI has been updated to reflect the latest changes incorporated in the underlying ANSI/ACCA 5 QI Standard. Now, I know that statement usually means that a great product has become almost unusable; but, that is not the case for the Technician’s Guide and Workbook! Of course, all of the requirement updates in the QI 5 Standard are covered. Additionally, the upgraded Technician’s Guide was 50% retooled to become easier for Technicians and instructors to use. Examples of the improvements includes:

  1. More Graphics: The new and improved edition includes over 50 additional illustrations to almost triple the amount of pictures, graphs, and other visual learning aids (see Figure below for an example). New illustrations were placed throughout the text’s body, and in the 8 Appendices to help Technicians visualize the required concepts. For example, Appendix 1, Quick Math Review has 8 new illustrations added to help Technicians visualize math concepts and processes.
  2. Practitioner Reinforcement: The addition of 24 “Test Your Knowledge” self-study, or classroom discussion question sections printed in blue lettering. Those added sections are designed to facilitate the learning experience by driving home the requirements covered in the text. In many cases, they provide more background information on the Standard’s requirements in order to make them easier to visualize, understand, and remember. Thus, by dividing the text further, the amount of information covered per grouping becomes less intimidating, and the stopping points become more frequent. Also newly added, and printed in green lettering are, 24 “Hands on lab or Field Exercises” sections that provide guidance on ways to reinforce the lessons by using tools for hands on experience meeting specific QI 5 Standard requirements. Additionally, by doing those field exercises, Technicians can practice the application of individual QI requirements.
  3. Supporting Videos are Available: Creation of 6 hours of videos; 10 tracks with 67, three-to-fifteen minute videos that support the content in the revamped Technician’s Guide (see side bar).

Many successful contractors have already incorporated the Quality Installation requirements into their business practices as a market differentiator. They tried it out, and found QI increased customer satisfaction, decreased call backs, and improved the overall performance of their installation process. This Guide & Workbook, along with the video series, will allow those industry leaders to effortlessly update their Technician’s knowledge base, while also bringing them up to speed on the changes in the 2015 QI 5 Standard.
Everyone is not a self-study or video type of learner. Thus, hard copies of the Tec

hnician’s Guide & Workbook are available for class instruction. Those who wish to teach the course at their training sites, may register their Technicians for the online exam. For details contact the ACCA Bookstore at:

Don Prather

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