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Scorpion Cares, and So Should You

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From giving back to those in need to providing the HVACR industry with priceless digital marketing tools and support, it’s no surprise that Scorpion is a force to be reckoned with. Michael Sauer, Executive Vice President of Partnerships at Scorpion gives insight into what makes the business different from any other digital marketing provider, and why it works so well. 

One of Scorpion’s main goals is to help local businesses thrive. Why is this so important to you as a company? 

Local businesses are faced with more competition than they ever have before. In many communities, they are now competing with national chains, or other online service providers for some of the same products and services. But the business tools available to larger brands are not typically available to them. As the leading provider of technology and services helping local HVACR businesses, Scorpion believes in providing local service providers with the right tools and services to compete. Our clients are connected with their local communities and the people they serve. They have personal relationships, and they know their communities. This connection is the thread that keeps communities strong. This philosophy is what drives our focus at Scorpion – we love seeing our local business clients grow and thrive! 

Scorpion offers a variety of tools for clients to use. Out of all of them, which are the most useful for those in the HVACR industry? 

What’s unique about what we offer at Scorpion is that it provides virtually every digital marketing tool an HVACR business would need to book more jobs, build a solid brand presence, and engage with current and potential customers. Tools like SEO, online reviews, advertising, email marketing, chat and messaging, social media, website and lead management, appointment scheduling, and more, are built right in the platform, and supported by our team of HVACR experts. All of these tools are brought together in a way that’s easy to understand and manage by blending AI and teams of real people with local expertise. It’s these tools that not only help support our clients’ businesses, but they create even better experiences for our clients’ customers too.  

A big issue in the HVACR Industry is workforce. How can partnering with Scorpion help local HVACR businesses attract new talent? 

This is certainly an important topic right now for most HVACR businesses we speak to. Frankly, across all industries, companies must begin thinking differently about their recruitment strategies. In some sense, it is another lead generation initiative to attract candidates in an effort to build a pipeline that best supports the needs of your business. Our platform is built to support a client’s brand with a design, content, and advertising to attract more jobs, but the same technology can be used to attract more candidates to an HVACR business as well.  

Scorpion puts an emphasis on giving back to those in need, specifically through your Scorpion Cares Programs. Can you tell us a bit about the programs and why giving back is so important to your company? 

Scorpion Cares is true to Scorpion’s love and passion for local businesses. One focus of the program is to support the local communities where we have offices – specifically Los Angeles, Dallas, and Salt Lake City. This allows us to maintain a connection to the communities where we live and work. Another focus of Scorpion Cares is to provide scholarships to students interested in pursuing careers in business and technology. But the largest focus of Scorpion Cares is on the needs of our clients. When our clients experience a personal loss, a natural disaster, or other calamity, we provide gestures of support during what is clearly a difficult time. This could be providing needed supplies, contributing to a GoFundMe campaign, or other efforts. We hope that the support we can provide during times like these can help business owners weather the storm, when they otherwise could be at risk of a devastating loss to their businesses. 

What would you say to HVACR businesses who are wary of implementing the services you provide? 

I would say that is something we often hear. I think it comes from the fact that many local businesses who have hired digital marketing partners in the past have not seen the results they expected. In the end, they share with us that they feel confused, frustrated, and angry. What is great about Scorpion is that it leverages AI to continuously improve your advertising performance – automatically! And we provide our clients with a 24/7 view of their campaigns to see what’s working, and what’s not. This transparency gives our clients confidence that our technology is always optimizing their campaigns on their behalf. And they have support from an expert in their industry who is available to jump in and make adjustments at any time. Between the transparency, and the support of teams of real people, our clients tell us that the experience working with Scorpion is very different than any other digital marketing provider.  

Technology is constantly evolving, how does Scorpion keep up with this, and do you have any exciting innovations coming down the pike? What are they? 

We do! We are always developing new features in an effort to provide more value for our customers, and their customers. For a local business, our technology is already very powerful. Using AI, we’re able to leverage data from more than 13,000 customers across the U.S. to better target advertising to the right types of customers for our clients. We have the data to know what works. I think in the future, you’ll see ways Scorpion’s systems will continue to use data to make more informed decisions beyond just advertising, but in many other ways in an effort to help local businesses be successful. 

Why is partnering with ACCA important to your company? 

Given the success we have had with so many HVACR businesses, and the fact that Scorpion is built to best serve the needs of this audience, ACCA was a natural partner for us for two reasons. First, whether ACCA members adopt Scorpion solutions for their business or not, we only get better by listening and learning from HVACR business owners about what they need most in a digital marketing technology partner. And secondly, we hope to provide insights and best practices regarding every aspect a local business may come across including utilizing digital marketing to attract their ideal types of clients. To the extent that we can add valuable educational content to the ACCA library and be a resource for all of ACCA’s members, we are so happy to help.  

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