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Sample Alert on COVID-19 for Consumers

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Here is a sample alert that contractors can use on their website, in emails to consumers, and in their social media posts.

Alert for Consumers: ACCA is fighting to ensure HVAC contractors will be able to maintain operations throughout this national emergency. Contractors provide essential services to hospitals and healthcare facilities, grocery stores, and every home and building in the country.

Most HVAC contractors are continuing to offer their spring maintenance plans and respond to calls as normal. But, you may notice some changes in protocol from professional contractors. Many contractors are asking customers if they have experienced illness or symptoms of the Coronavirus in the past few weeks. Contractors and technicians are also practicing “social distancing” by not shaking hands and maintain a reasonable distance from anyone in the home or building. You will also notice that some contractors are requesting to use technology to inspect your HVAC systems via video chat or other means that do not require them to be inside of your house.

If you need HVAC or other home services right now please understand that professional contractors are taking the necessary steps to protect their staff and customers, so please be patient as we all adapt to these rapid changes across the country.

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