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RHC Adds Dan Holohan to Advisory Committee

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ACCA’s Radiant & Hydronics Council (RHC) has been growing since it launched last fall. And recently, Dan Holohan of has joined the council’s advisory committee as a consultant.

ACCA asked Holohan a few questions to help our members get a better feel for him and what he brings to the RHC as a consultant.

So the membership has an idea about who you are, will you share a little bit about how you got involved with hydronics?

My father worked for a plumbing & heating wholesaler in NYC, so I grew up around contractors. He left the wholesaler for a manufacturer in 1968 and I followed him in 1970. He told me it was a good business to be in because, “Everyone is always going to need heat, especially in the winter.” I spent 19 years there, learning, and left in 1989 to become a writer/speaker. It was terrifying for a couple of years, but I have never looked back.

Why do you feel it’s important to be involved with ACCA’s RHC?

I think ACCA has the best shot at introducing contractors who now work primarily on warm-air systems to hydronics, and particularly radiant hydronics. ACCA has a wide audience and the people who are running the organization are grown-ups.

I’ve known the members of the committee advising the RHC for many years and admire and respect all of them as smart business people who know how to listen. No big egos in that group — just a bunch of professionals who want to build something good.

ACCA has the first Hydronics Roundtable scheduled for Sept. 11-12 in Providence, RI, what should contractors know about this event and why is it important for them to be there?

I think the contractors will find a warm welcome, open minds, wide-open ears, lots of fresh ideas, and more enthusiasm than a Dale Carnegie convention. This is an event that contractors are not going to want to miss.

What’s the best bit of business advice anyone has given you in this industry?

Nothing will ever happen for you unless you’re willing to take a chance

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