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Ransomware and Your HVACR Business

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A computer chip with red lighting and a skull on it to symbolize ransomware

Recent ransomware attacks have HVACR businesses on edge. Fortunately, there are various ways that these businesses can protect themselves and reduce the risk of falling victim to ransomware.

  • Keep your business’s IT infrastructure and software fully up to date. Having a companywide process to ensure all technology has the latest security updates as soon as they’re released is your first line of defense.
  • Use software with artificial intelligence (AI) that analyzes which programs and processes are affected as soon as malicious activity is detected, then stops it.
  • Use advanced email spam protection tools that offer more defensive capability than previous options.
  • Have all of your employees take periodic security awareness training to learn how to distinguish potentially dangerous emails and phishing scams.
  • Have a reliable backup system in place in case ransomware does infect and shut down your IT network.

To learn more about defending your business from cyberattacks, read the full ACHR News article here.


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