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The Problem 

Everyone wants a special deal. We want to know we’re getting a little bit (or a lot) more than what we paid for. When a serious homeowner is about to plop down thousands of dollars for new heating/cooling equipment, they want a “brand” they can trust. Typically, they depend on the reputation of a manufacturer. After all, that’s what they did for their car, computer, and refrigerator.   

In my opinion, most homeowners think that their air conditioner is a lot like their refrigerator. It gets plugged in, and just “works.” So, they shop for price. They also look for the company that can deliver the brand they want at the best price. But to be fair, I think they also consider whether you can be trusted.  That’s it; the math is: Brand + Price + Trust = Value.  

Trust Me… Not Them 

As HVAC professionals, we know what we’re doing. Customers can trust us to do what is right: follow the manufacturer’s instructions, obey the code, and adhere to applicable standards.  

It’s those other guys!  THEY are the ones that cheat! They cut corners, make stuff up, and offer those ridiculous lowball prices.  

Education is a Key 

We educate our customers so they realize which “brand” they need to trust. Since it’s the installation, not the equipment, they need to trust our brand. We know that even the “best” equipment, if installed poorly, won’t deliver comfort.  

But it is hard to explain all the things that must be done right. We must sell them on our company’s reputation because clients, “don’t know superheat from superman” (to quote Ed Janowiak).  Ultimately, they select an HVAC professional they can trust to do the job right at a price they can afford.  

What if you could prove you’re better? Would it help if you could prove that you are technically superior to the competition? Or would you rather not? Hey, I get it. Good help is hard to find. Training new people to deliver technical excellence is a lengthy process. Maybe it would be better if you didn’t have to demonstrate your team’s skills. If so, you can stop reading now. 

Prove It 

Glad you’re still here, because ACCA and measureQuick have teamed up to help you prove technical competence. ACCA is known for its Quality Installation Standard and measureQuick is known for its easy-to-understand reports based on a detailed analysis of the system’s performance.  

At ACCA’s annual conference, Gerry O’Brion said that customers want a good reason to make an emotional decision. A decision like whether they should buy from your company. With proof from ACCA and measureQuick, you can help them choose you. 

Prove It to Yourself Too 

You trust your installers/start-up technicians, as you should. Let them prove it too! With measureQuick, your installers show you that they did the job right. This will cut your warranty exposure, decrease the chance for call backs, and build value for your brand.  

Set Yourself Apart 

The craftsmanship, technical expertise, and hours of physical labor are tough to appreciate when all the customer sees is a number on their thermostat.  They’re oblivious to the time spent to achieve the right airflow, refrigerant charge, combustion efficiency, and electrical operations. Let ACCA and measureQuick help with a certificate and a score that promotes your expertise. Our value equation is: Delivered Comfort + Technical Proof = TRUST. With your brand, fair prices, and trust – you deliver the value they want.   

Get Started 

Nothing promotes trust more than proof. Deliver proof, protect yourself, and start earning the recognition you deserve.  

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