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National HVAC Tech Day: Honoring the Unsung Heroes of Energy Efficiency

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HVAC tech inspecting a system using a flashlight.

As the summer heat rolls in, so does the need for cool, refreshing air indoors. It’s a luxury many of us enjoy without a second thought, thanks to the tireless efforts of HVACR technicians. These unsung heroes work diligently to ensure our air conditioning systems function efficiently, providing us with comfort even on the hottest days.  

National HVAC Tech Day, celebrated on June 22, offers us the perfect opportunity to recognize and appreciate these essential professionals who keep our homes and workplaces comfortable year-round. 

National HVAC Tech Day originated in 2016, thanks to the initiative of ACCA Gold Member ARS/Rescue Rooter, a national home services provider. Since then, it has served as a day to honor the hard work of HVACR technicians across the industry. These technicians brave extreme working conditions, from sweltering attics to cramped crawl spaces, to install, repair, and maintain heating and cooling systems. Their expertise ensures indoor safety, comfort, and energy efficiency. 

Has a HVACR professional helped you out in a sticky situation? Looking to show your appreciation? Here are 5 tips for recognizing the hard work of your HVACR technician: 

  1. Social Media Recognition: A social media shout-out can make a technician’s week; share a post highlighting how your technician has helped you and use the hashtag #NationalHVACTechDay.
  2. Small Gestures of Kindness: A cold drink on a hot day can go a long way in brightening a technician’s day. Any small gesture of kindness shows that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. 
  3. Gifts and Tokens of Appreciation: Consider surprising your technician with a small gift such as a gift card to an online retailer, or something fun they can use in their trucks. 
  4. Treats and Meals: Treat your technician to a meal or snack! Whether it’s a hearty breakfast to start their day or a gift card to a local restaurant, a gesture of food can make a technician feel valued and appreciated. 
  5. Maintain Your HVACR System: Regular maintenance of your HVACR system not only ensures its longevity and efficiency but also eases the workload for technicians. Simple tasks like changing filters can contribute to a smoother-running system and fewer service calls – making your HVACR tech’s life easier! 

On National HVAC Tech Day and every day, ACCA recognizes the hard work and dedication of HVACR technicians. Their commitment to ensuring our comfort and safety deserves our utmost appreciation. So, here’s to the unsung heroes of energy efficiency – thank you, HVACR technicians, for all that you do! 

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