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How Much Do I Need to Pay My Technicians for Callbacks?

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Question: I was reading a discussion about road time and techs. Sometimes techs get call backs and that costs the company a lot of money. My service techs take vans home and they typically start their day when they arrive at the first job and end their day when they leave the last job. So I know I can’t have an employee do a call back on their own time and after reading your discussion, it seems I can pay a different rate for putting air in the tires, etc., etc., but can I pay a lower rate for road time for call backs? How about the second and third calls that the tech may go to, is that road time payable at a lower rate? I want techs to understand time is money and call backs are a loss of time. I’m located in New York.

Answer: Yes, you can pay as little as minimum wage for the call backs. New York has a minimum wage in 2016 which is higher than the federal minimum wage—in New York, it’s $9.00 per hour.

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