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Matt, What Are the Best Practices for Tagging Warranty Parts and Labor?

In this edition of "HVAC Skill Builder," Matt discusses what are the best practices for tagging warranty parts and labor are

Matt, what are the best practices for tagging warranty parts and labor? It's a great question. If you go out to a customer's house and you have a legitimate warranty claim for example, the motor just failed, your technicians, number one, need to confirm that the warranty is valid through the system whether it's going to be through the OEM or to your dispatch and get that part ordered and installed. Once they have it, there should be paperwork that the technician must fill out to take it back to the OEM to get those warranty credits. What we used to do was that we would issue a PO for the warranty tracking and every week or monthly, we would see if there's any open POs that were pertaining to warranty. We'd get in touch with that technician to make sure that the parts were in fact tagged and sent back to the OEM. If they weren't, we're able to track it, get that handled internally and get the money. If they did, we had a great way of tracking when we got paid. We'd close the PO out and that was just one way we managed it but it really goes down to going back to the invoice coaching. Consistency is key and explaining to them the process to file a warranty claim or get reimbursed and you need to explain that as a manager so you get everyone on the same page.

Matt Akins is the Manager of HVACR Technical Education at ACCA.

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