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Matt, How Do I Explain That Consistency Is Key?

In this edition of "HVAC Skill Builder," Matt discusses how to explain that consistency is key

Matt, how do I explain that consistency is key? Well, consistency is key in the HVAC business. This is where you want to start training your technicians or coach them along on how you expect them to perform the job, how you expect them to document their invoices or how you expect them to turn in and track their warranty parts. So, you have to really get down there with the technicians and rub elbows with them and help coach them along to get everyone on the same page. For example, there are HVAC companies out there that have 20 technicians and those 20 technicians are performing maintenances 20 different ways. So, how do you know that they're doing it right? Well, you don't. This is where you start getting everyone on the same page, have them demonstrate it to you as a manager and expect them to perform that type of maintenance for example when they go out and serve your clients.

Matt Akins is the Manager of HVACR Technical Education at ACCA.

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