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March Tech Challenge – Answer

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A rooftop system utilizing R-410 A with a fixed orifice has a customer complaint of insufficient cooling. The symptoms confirm the thermostat is not satisfied and the blower and compressor appear to be running all of the time. What are the “possible causes” (Note: There is only one problem intended) with the following measured conditions on this field service check sheet? 

The possible cause appears to be an overcharged system. The high discharge temperature is caused by a high compression ratio and the high condensing pressure/temperature is caused by the bottom of the condenser being flooded with subcooled refrigerant reducing the effective size of the condenser. So, all of the heat absorbed in the evaporator, suction line, motor heat, high heat of compression from the high compression ratio has to be rejected in a smaller portion of the condenser.  

The low side is following the high side pressures/temperatures preventing adequate cooling and the near normal superheats are the result of the higher discharge pressure forcing more subcooled liquid into the evaporator. If more refrigerant was to be charges into the system the superheats would decrease and could cause liquid flood back to the compressor. The Amperage draw is somewhat higher because of the higher evaporator pressure. 

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