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Injured on Friday, Quit on Tuesday – Should I Report the Injury?

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Question: An installation tech left a jobsite early on a Friday afternoon after pulling a muscle. He declined going to a doctor and decided to take some muscle relaxers he had at home. The following Tuesday, he quit.  Am I required to file a worker’s comp claim on an employee who declined going to a doctor and then voluntarily quit his job?

Answer: In a word, yes. Any injury where the employee leaves work should be reported. Also, Murphy’s Law dictates that this former employee will reappear on your doorstep with horrible complications from his supposedly minor injury, and you’ll face a huge hassle from your workers comp carrier and possibly the state because you didn’t report the injury. Of course, if you have reason to dispute the claim, you should let your carrier know of your suspicions and the reasons why when you make the report.

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