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Hudson, Ink Redesigned Contractor Newsletter

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Keeping customers by remaining in contact year-round should be a no-brainer. However, most contractors still struggle to stay in touch after the initial service.

Fortunately, a strong company newsletter is still one of the best and least expensive ways to reinforce an image and build a strong customer relationship. Why is this so important?

“Would you remain a customer to a company you’ve never heard from? Your customers are no different; they leave when they feel undervalued or ignored,” says Adams Hudson, President of Hudson, Ink, a national marketing firm for contractors. “A strong newsletter program is a simple and inexpensive way to build a relationship. And relationships are the key to future sales.”

To that end, Hudson, Ink recently redesigned their contractor newsletter to serve both the homeowner and the contractor on a deeper level. That means:

  • Online Integration: Newsletters are now available with web portals that tie in with contractors’ online presence. This allows readers to easily access more articles, tips and company information.
  • Scan This: QR Codes allow contractors’ clients to instantly view photos, videos, coupons and reports straight from their phones. Due to their fast readability, they create more interaction from the reader and drive them to the company website.
  • New look, same quality. The newsletter has been completely redesigned to benefit and stand out to the reader. Articles are shorter and easier to read, and more useful content has been incorporated with a sleeker, more colorful design.
  • More on every page. The contractor’s name and phone number appear on every page of the newsletter. So no matter which article a customer turns to, they’ll see who it comes from and will receive a call to action.

Customers are too valuable to ignore. They cost too much to get, and they’re like “gold” when you keep them, build relationships and earn sales. But like most good things, they don’t appear by chance.

Contractors can receive a no-cost newsletter sample and get the free “Customer Retention Report” by emailing

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