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Fujitsu Partners With Contractors to Provide Innovative Comfort

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For almost 90 years Fujitsu has been an electronics pioneer. Most people think of Fujitsu when it comes to small home electronics, but in the last few decades they have emerged as a power house in the HVACR industry focusing on strong partnerships in the industry to provide comfort for homeowners.

ACCA Now interviewed Fujitsu President, Matt Peterson, about what the future holds for these innovators and why partnering with ACCA and its members is important to the company.

Fujitsu has been around for almost 90 years and pioneered radios, speakers, televisions, and other electronics before moving into being a global HVAC leader. What does the next 10-20 years look like for Fujitsu?

As the ductless market in the U.S. is growing at a much faster rate than other global markets,Fujitsu will continue to invest in product, people, and distribution in the U.S. market to support the growth. We will also continue to expand our product breadth, such as when we added residential and commercial Unitary products with our Rheem partner to grow our share with our existing customer base and expanding our VRF line a few years ago. We want to be a whole house solution and we will also look at any potential acquisitions that will support this growth.

What is one of the greatest accomplishments that Fujitsu is proud of?

That’s Easy. Our people and our culture would be our greatest accomplishments and what we are most proud of, by far. Everything flows out of a company’s culture and we have tried to create a culture of inclusion, of a team that wants to work hard, that sets aggressive goals, strives for success, and enjoys each other’s company and our time together. It sounds cliché, but it’s true.We work hard, we celebrate success,and we laugh. We have many team building events, such as a company picnic, holiday parties, a Halloween costume contest, we support charities, and we have many other activities outside of work to ensure we are always balanced between delivering results for Fujitsu and enjoying the ride as a team.

Fujitsu is also working with ACCA to educate contractors on the connected home market and opportunities for contractors to expand their businesses through these innovations.Fujitsu has done a terrific job of building a contractor/dealer network. Can you explain some of the benefits of contractors being aligned with Fujitsu?

One of the areas we pride ourselves in would be our training and technical services division, led by Victor Gomez. We invest roughly 50% of our head count in up-front training and back-side tech services for one reason, to ensure our contractors have the best support possible from Fujitsu to deliver an incredible consumer experience. If you need help, we are here, and we don’t believe other manufacturers invest as many resources in non-revenue generating support as we do with training and tech services.

Can you tell ACCA NOW Magazine readers about one area where Fujitsu is investing alot of resources that would benefit contractors?

Our Elite Contractor Program comes to the fore front. It began about 5-years ago to provide benefits, such as access to the Fujitsu Store to contractors that qualified based on our training and installation goals. It has evolved to include extended warranties, lower financing rates, consumer rebates, low cost labor warranties, and many other benefits. We have grown from providing marketing materials, such as clothing, signage, etc., to providing benefits to our Elites that truly drive their business.

If you met a contractor who wasn’t an ACCA member, what would you tell them about joining ACCA?

One of ACCA’s primary focuses that we’ve always admired is their intense desire to improve contractors in every area of their businesses. Their goal is to train, educate, and protect our industry in the interest of the contractor AND the consumer. What ACCA does isn’t easy, but they have a strategy that says,“Let’s do what we can to make everyone in the industry better and bring people together”. Everyone has the same goals and that’s’ never a bad strategy!

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