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Fujitsu General: Innovation, Partnership, and Pushing the Limits

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Fujitsu has been in the HVAC business and innovating since the 1960s. What do you feel has been your company’s biggest accomplishments and what do you have planned for the next 60 years?

Fujitsu General takes pride in our long history of innovation and technological advancements. As one of the first companies in the ductless space, we have a deep-rooted engineering background that has generated some of today’s highest efficiency, top quality products.  Combine that with the contractor support we provide in terms of training, technical, and programs.  We hope to continue increasing our market share while filling the needs of both contractors and consumers.

In the future, we plan to continue innovating and introducing cleaner heating and cooling solutions to the U.S. market and abroad. There is an industry trend toward decarbonization and a shift away from fossil fuel technologies, toward electric heat pump systems.  This is promising for Fujitsu and for the environment.

Fujitsu pushes the envelope with its advertising and on occasion ruffles some feathers. Why did you choose to go this path and how do you respond to the critics?

We want to make sure our ads stand out, are memorable and show the type of brand we are. A large element of our brand is comprised of the people behind it. We take our business very seriously, but we have a sense of humor. The awards and praise received has outweighed the critics by far.  Finding enjoyment in our work is a byproduct of the passion we have for it and the family atmosphere at Fujitsu, despite the size of the company.

2020 was a unique, and challenging year for many. Now it’s 2021, what plans does Fujitsu have to change the story?

2020 brought the need to adapt to a new set of circumstances. You can adapt and succeed or do what you’ve always done and get left behind. When the pandemic emerged last spring, one of our first orders of business was to survey contractors and determine what they needed most. We immediately improved and increased our online training offering.  This was critical during the “lockdown” phase in many areas of the country, and the feedback we received from our customer base reinforced that we made the right decision. Next, we assessed what we could do to make selling equipment easier for contractors.  This resulted a consumer financing option with no dealer fee. Many consumers needed the flexibility of a financing program and this also allowed contractors to offer payment options with no risk.

In 2021, Fujitsu continues to offer consumer financing options with no dealer fee.  We’ve also rolled out an online lead generation tool to bring leads to contractors via text or email. We will use what we learned in 2020 and continue to offer a wider variety of virtual trainings, both sales and technical.  Contractor rebate tools will also be offered to help close sales, and we will continue to guide them toward resources for local utility and state-run rebate programs. Ultimately, we strive to be a company that is easy to do business with and is known for the highest level of customer support.

How are you helping contractors be successful in their businesses?

We equip contractors with the knowledge to make the best decisions for their business regarding the types of equipment they install and the brands they align themselves with.  Fujitsu will continue to be a source of information for them and offer high quality products backed by the industry’s best support. Training, financing, rebates, leads and general support will contribute to the success and growth of a contractor’s business.

Why is partnering with ACCA important to your company?

Fujitsu General shares common goals with ACCA – to make it easier for contractors to bring quality products and services to their customers. Partnering with ACCA has allowed us to align with the support and benefits offered through the program, brought new networking opportunities, and provides recognition of being associated with a group like ACCA. We look forward to expanding our partnership and supporting contractors well beyond 2021.

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