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FieldEdge: Educating Contractors of Softeware for Over 40 Years

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FieldEdge is a leading field service software company, who partners with contractors to make their operations run more smoothly. ACCA spoke with Marc Werthmoeller, FieldEdge’s Vice Presidentof Marketing & Operations,to learn about how FieldEdge is working to educate contractors and what they have in store for their next 40 years of business.

FieldEdge is one of the leading field service software companies in the U.S. and you just celebrated your 40th anniversary. What’s on the horizon for FieldEdge?

40 years is a great accomplishment in today’s constantly changing world. Building strong relationships with our customers has been one of the key factors to our ongoing success.Being customer-centric and making continuous improvements to how we do business will remain a core focus for future years ahead. It’s about creating an experience that goes beyond just providing innovative solutions–it always starts with listening to your customers and employees.The next few years will be very exciting. We have already seen tremendous change over the past four decades and with new technology being introduced, such as AI and 5G, the mechanical contractor market will continue to change drastically. At FieldEdge, we believe that we must keep pushing forward by pushing the boundaries. Things never stand still. We have been one of the pioneers in the space and have celebrated multiple milestones and new product launches since starting back in 1980. We are looking forward to empowering contractors through our offerings and by providing additional value through relationships with associations like ACCA. It’s our success if our customers can maximize their potential and reach new heights.

What is one of the greatest accomplishments that FieldEdge is proud of?

“We come to work for our customers and stay for each other” –it’s the people and customer centric culture that we have cultivated at FieldEdge.

As one of ACCA’s top tier partners, you have a broader interest than simply marketing to contractors. FieldEdge invests in ACCA because of the association for the betterment of the industry. Can you tell readers a little more about the issues you are working on with ACCA?

We are actively working with ACCA to address workforce challenges, educational programs, and to promote new efforts to raise the bar in the contracting industry. As part of our involvement, we accompanied Todd Washam and his team to Capitol Hill and lobbied Congress to act on tax issues and workforce development. It’s a great piece of our partnership with ACCA and we look forward to more success in the future.

What are some other ways FieldEdge is working with ACCA and helping contractors improve their businesses?

FieldEdge is working with ACCA on an educational campaign that will help contractors make the best decision when they are looking for new software. We are developing a white paper that lays out pertinent questions for contractors to ask software companies before they make decisions about switching to a new company. We want to make sure contractors are choosing the right software company for their business no matter who they choose. We realize that FieldEdge may not be the right fit for every company, but we see it as part of our responsibility to help contractors grow.
Is it true that FieldEdge offers ACCA members a signing bonus when they decide to adopt FieldEdge’s products and services in their company?
Yes, it’s true. We recognize that ACCA members are great contractors and we want to be aligned with as many ACCA members as possible. We offer ACCA members $1,500 when they bring FieldEdge into their company.
What other services does FieldEdge want ACCA members to know about?
We have a dedicated team supporting ACCA members and promise to provide superior customer service to the contracting industry. In fact, FieldEdge has a direct line to most ACCA staff so anytime an ACCA member has a question about FieldEdge we can often arrange a conversation or demo within hours. FieldEdge also has some great resources to help contracting employees embrace software changes and overcome change in their companies. Getting staff to fully adopt technology changes is difficult, but we’ve invested in the right people to help contractors with this challenge.

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