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Employee Voter Registration Week

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In a democracy, voting is not just a right; it’s a powerful tool that allows citizens to shape the future of their country. Unfortunately, not everyone exercises this privilege, and many remain unregistered to vote. In an effort to change that, Employee Voter Registration Week (EVRW) was born. This year marks the 10th anniversary of this incredible initiative, and from September 18 to September 22, 2023, we celebrate a decade of empowering employees across the country to register and cast their votes. ACCA is proud to be a partner in this endeavor.

EVRW: A Decade of Impact

Employee Voter Registration Week (EVRW) is a nationwide campaign that brings together companies and associations to promote voter registration among private sector employees. The core principle of EVRW is to provide a nonpartisan platform for employees to engage in the democratic process. It’s not about endorsing a specific candidate or party; it’s about encouraging civic participation and ensuring that every eligible citizen has the opportunity to vote.

Over the past ten years, EVRW has made significant strides in increasing voter registration and participation among employees. In a democracy like the United States, where every vote counts, this initiative has played a pivotal role in shaping our nation’s future.

While the voter registration rate in the United States has been on the rise, there is still much work to be done. In 2020, 73% of voting-age citizens were registered to vote, which was a 2% increase from 2016. EVRW understands that the mission is not complete until every employee and stakeholder-voter is registered and prepared to cast their ballot.

Preparing to Cast Your Vote

Make sure you’re fully prepared to cast your vote. Here are some essential resources to help you navigate the upcoming elections:

  • Important Election Dates and Deadlines: Stay informed about key dates such as voter registration deadlines, absentee ballot request deadlines, and election day itself. Mark these dates on your calendar to ensure your voice is heard.
  • Candidate Information: Discover who will be on your ballot. Learn about the candidates running for various offices and their positions on important issues. Make an informed decision about the individuals who will represent you.
  • Upcoming Elections: Stay up to date with information about upcoming elections in your area. Whether it’s a local, state, or national election, your vote matters, and being aware of when and where to vote is crucial.
  • Voting and Elections Process: Familiarize yourself with the voting process. Learn about how to register, where to vote, and what to expect when you arrive at the polling station. Knowing the process makes the experience smoother and less intimidating.
  • Recaps of Past Election Years: Take a look back at previous election years. Understand the impact of elections on our country’s history and the significance of your vote in shaping the future.

Employee Voter Registration Week has been a beacon of hope in our country’s democratic process, striving to ensure that every eligible citizen exercises their right to vote. Let’s continue to promote voter registration, engagement, and participation among employees across the nation. Together, we can work towards the goal of 100% voter registration and continue to shape the future of our great nation.

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