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Daikin Receives Special Seismic Certification for Central AC, Heat Pump and VRV Systems

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Daikin AC is pleased to announce the availability of OSHPD-certified Daikin models for hospitals and other projects that require OSHPD’s Special Seismic Certification Preapproval (OSP), as well as for any project that requires equipment be tested and certified to meet IBC (International Building Code) standards. Models in the certification include Daikin’s Split Systems, Quaternity, SkyAir, VRVIII-S, VRVIII and a broad range of ducted and ductless indoor units. There is no additional cost for OSHPD-certified products, which provide customers with cost-effective, preapproved HVAC solutions.

OSHPD (California’s Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development) requires that in order to earn the OSP, models are rigorously tested to applicable codes and standards (IBC 2009, ASCE 7-05, ICC-ES AC-156, CBC 2010 [effective 1/1/2013]) using the tri-axial motion method (three simultaneous directions completed in one run). All models certified are standard Daikin products. For more detail, a copy of the certification can be viewed directly from the OSHPD website at: .

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