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Daikin Innovates to Tackle Hidden HVAC Leaks and Environmental Impact

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In the ongoing efforts to address the environmental impact of HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons), there’s a silent issue often overlooked – slow refrigerant leaks in HVAC units. These leaks add to electric bills and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. ACCA Premium Corporate Partner Daikin Comfort Technologies North America Inc. has taken a proactive step by introducing Charge Integrity, a new feature in its cloud-based services designed to alert HVAC contractors about drops in refrigerant charge levels.

Traditionally, these refrigerant leaks go unnoticed until homeowners complain about ineffective cooling or rising electric bills. Charge Integrity, part of Daikin One cloud services, uses smart sensing to identify non-catastrophic refrigerant loss in many Daikin systems connected to the cloud. When refrigerant levels drop below the optimal threshold, HVAC contractors receive alerts via email and push notifications, enabling them to address these issues before they escalate.

Jim Cahill, IoT solutions business leader for Daikin, emphasized the impact of refrigerant loss on HVAC systems’ performance, efficiency, and operational cost, all while contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. By identifying slow leaks, Charge Integrity empowers Daikin Comfort Pro contractors to proactively tackle these problems, aligning with the environmental goals outlined in the American Innovation and Manufacturing (AIM) Act.

Daikin Charge Integrity is just one example of the brand’s commitment to sustainability. Daikin has pioneered initiatives such as Daikin ATMOSPHERA, the first low-GWP single-zone ductless system in North America using R-32 refrigerant, and Daikin FIT, a solution allowing traditional ducted systems to pair with high-efficiency, side-discharge inverter heat pumps connected to the Daikin One ecosystem. These innovations underscore Daikin’s dedication to rethinking heating and cooling systems for a more sustainable future.

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