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Author: Steve Coscia, CSP

Steve Coscia, CSP is an industry expert that helps HVACR companies make more money through increased customer retention, improved upselling, and reduced job stress.

Go Bananas!

New Years is s a fresh start and Steve Coscia has some tips for readers.

Clutter and Clarity

Clutter and clarity are directly related. Steve Coscia explains why you need clear clutter to gain clarity.

Business Momentum and Follow Up

Customer service is like long distance running, you have to capitalize on momentum to conserve energy for when it’s needed.

The Secret Sauce

Does your company have the secret sauce for success? Steve Coscia has some tips for finding it.

A Tale of Two Managers

Sometimes the tough decisions are the best ones for your company. Steve Coscia explains.

Mentoring Our Younger Workforce

Mentoring young people is a great way to bring them into the industry. Steve Coscia explains in his latest article.

Education, Toughness, and Workforce Trends

Finding qualified employees is tough and Steve Coscia shares why finding skilled technicians who also have great soft skills is even more difficult.

DIY Customers and Blame Implication

DIY projects have becomes popular among homeowners, but when they need to call in a professional, there is no need to make them feel bad.

After A Long Hot Summer, It’s National Customer Service Week

National Service Week is coming up and it’s a great time to thank our teams for all their hard work this summer.

A Little Finesse Goes A Long Way

Knowing when, why, and how to say “No” is critical to working in the service field. Steve Coscia shares some tips for mastering these behaviors.

Connecting With Customers: Don’t Forget To Put On A Smile

Non-verbal communication, such as smiling and eye contact, can make the difference between a good customer experience and a negative and it costs you nothing.

Handling Complaints Before Coffee

“Dreaded Morning Calls” can knock you off your game all day. Learn how to prepare for these calls so you delight your customers while keeping your sanity.

Fix The Problem And Not The Customer

Both residential and commercial contractors learn that customer dispositions span the gamut from easy-to-please to high-maintenance. When customers misbehave, it […]

Fear, Change, And Being There

People fear change for a variety of reasons, such as uncertainty, loss of control, complacency, and risk aversion. Regardless of […]

The Law of Heightened Expectations

One of the most clever customer service cartoons in my memory dates back to 1977 in which an angry customer […]

Booze, Bartenders, And The Bum Economy

During a recent trip to a leading plumbing and heating distributor, I made the time to acquaint myself with the […]

Beat The Summer Heat!

Enduring the rigors of hostile work environments, such as when an HVAC technician works in an attic on a hot […]

Under Pressure…Keep It Cool

As a service professional, you might speak with scores of customers on a typical work day. Most are pleasant and […]

Listening And The Short Attention Span

Improved listening skills enable service professionals to establish trust and better customer rapport. Enhanced rapport can yield many mutual benefits. […]

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